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Looking for a chiropractor in NYC, 10016, Murray Hill? Avail yourself of the best back pain doctor.

Dr. Lou Kessel is a leading chiropractor and wellness consultant, serving New York City since 1980. As a pain management consultant, he has helped thousands of people get back to health so they could enjoy a pain free life. Kessel Wellness Center is a “drug-free”, non-invasive alternative to many health care problems including neck and lower back pain, issues with spine, nutrition, detox, etc.

At Kessel Wellness Center, our purpose is to help as many people as possible through chiropractic, rehabilitation, therapeutic massage and nutrition. We expect our services to exceed patient expectations by providing outstanding care delivered by a dedicated team… at an affordable fee. Most insurances accepted. Let us help you reduce or eliminate pain, maximize energy and optimize health. Get your life back… and enjoy living again!

Contact the top back pain doctor in NYC, Murray Hill servicing upper east side: 10016, 10001, 10003, 10010 of New York City.

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“We offer appointment times 6 days a week. Please call for an appointment.”

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“The results I’ve had are EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT! I can walk, my back is much improved, my hip is back in place and my overall health is definitely better!” – D.B.

“After my first chiropractic adjustment with Dr. Kessel, I felt better. Now, I am healthier, my posture is corrected and I am just about pain-free!” – A.T.

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